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Photo Advice - Getting Close to the Animal

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Photo Advice - Getting Close to the Animal

Hello All,

My name is Sam (Reptile Sam), and I am happy to be joining your "den" - so to speak. My son, Clifford, and I are leaving for Zambia in August to view the majestic Nile Crocodile in its natural environs. I am looking for advice on how I can photograph the crocs up close.

Because the Nile is so wide in Zambia, I am afraid that our pictures will be terrible, as the crocs will be so far away. So I need some advice on how to attaract these animals close to shore without jeopradizing my safety or, more importantly, the safety of my son Clifford.

I am considering soaking my and my son's body in baby zebra blood and wading just off the banks. I know this sounds shocking, but many avid croc viewers have assured me that it really is no big deal. According to many, as soon as the smallest amount of zebra blood is detected, the crocs make an immediate B-line toward the scent. So, I'm assuming that all we'll need to do is jump in and jump right out. That should be enough for the crocs to pick up the scent.

I'd appreciate your advice and thoughts on this strategy.

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I am not a photographer nor have I been to SA but from what you said, my advice would be to get a camera with a good zoom lens that you can get a good picture by zooming in on them at a good distance.  You might also need a tripod to hold it still enough at a distance.  There are others here that can probably give you some more advice.  Hope you have a good, safe and enjoyable trip.  If you are serious about the last paragraph, then IMO think you should consult professional medical help.


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