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Pics I caught Sat. Sept. 17th

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Pics I caught Sat. Sept. 17th

Got some great screen shots on the Tembe cam yesterday, sunrise to sunset! The first one, looks like everyone was waiting for daylight before coming in for a drink! (They're doing quite a good business at the Tembe Watering Hole!) The second one, I caught one of the elephants playing in the water source and making the water squirt like a kid playing with a water hose...she was having quite a lot of fun! The next two are Bulls, in the second one, he's standing in the water. The animal on the shore just looked at him and acted as if he was thinking "Seriously?! You have to stand IN the water? Fine! I'm going down here!"...LOL  The last one I believe is Isilo! He came late last night and stayed quite a while! He's gorgeous!! ♥ the cams!! Thanks!!