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Plans For Serengeti Highway Get Culled

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Plans For Serengeti Highway Get Culled

TANZANIA - Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding a proposed major road that was going to be constructed right in the middle of the Serengeti. The biggest fear was that it would disrupt the annual wildebeest and zebra migration which is the largest of its kind (around 2 million animals), and upset the eco-system of the park. The plan faced criticism from many parties including the US and German governments and the United Nations.

Some recent studies were conducted and estimated the construction of the road could decrease the population of wildebeest by 30%, not to mention making the area more vunerable to poaching. There was also a leaked document which said that the road could also decrease the population of predators such as lions simply because there wouldn't be as many plains animals for them to hunt.

Well, in light of all this the Tanzanian government has cancelled the construction of the road and the wildbeest should be safe to continue their yearly trek accross the plains for some time. Wildlife enthusiasts around the world are extremely relieved, though possibly not quite as much as the wildebeest themselves.


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So glad this event has not

So glad this event has not taken part. Im really into wildlife, and it would of been terrible if this had happened.

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I love animals and im 14But

I love animals and im 14

But yeah I hope road are not put in because haven't we caused a lot of problems with taking down rain forests in South America so way must we do that there I mean think of all of things people do to the wild animal they capture them or kill them to me both of those ideas are stupit because just think of the bigcat in South America, and Africa like Lions, Tigers, Leapords, Cheetahs, and many more just like them.

Why my you ask im saying this because im in group that stops killing are bigcats all over the world called Cause an UpROAR if you don't want to see these beautiful animal gone forever join us stop hunting togther we can make differents if they live or die so come help your choices between these animal how they live or die is yours.

if you want to no more info contact me at to learn how you can help.

                       Thank from National Geographic channel Cause an Uproar.

                                 Lets Take Action Now Before Its To Late.

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This is just great news.

This is just great news. When I visited the Serengeti and saw the mass of wildebeest on their march it brought tears to my eyes, to see such beauty and magnificence in nature.

It would have been a great tradegy to have interfered with this.



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Great  great  news

Great  great  news !!!!!!!!!

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i am so pleased about the

i am so pleased about the highway plans being cancelled its really made my day its the best news ive ever heard for apsolutely ages and im only eleven years old and i love animals  thank you for stopping the highway plans

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I agree with Imonmm. I've

I agree with Imonmm. I've traveled to this part of Africa and could not believe they were  contemplating  a road that would without a doubt hinder the migration and upset the balance of nature.

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This is just incredibly

This is just incredibly wonderful news. Had gotten an email from AWF earlier today as I've participated in numerous petitions, etc. Just fantastic news.

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