Naledi cam is down. We are working on a solution.

Please read here before you post.

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Please read here before you post.

Dear Cammers, "The Watering Hole" forum is only for Nkorho Pan Cam related observations and discussions - with the exception of the daily Nkorho Cam Chat topic where chat is allowed. We have two daily topics in the Watering Hole:

  • The Nkorho Sightings Discussion topic is only for Nkorho cam sightings, related observation and discussion. If you have any questions/answers about animals seen on the cam you can also use the "Nkorho Sightings Discussion" topic.
  • The Nkorho Waterhole Chat topic is the place where you can chat about Nkorho Cam, say hellos, goodbyes and things like "great pic" and "is the cam down"? This is also a place where you can share your stories from Africa, about animals and chat about other things.
The Nkorho Sightings discussion topic will be edited and all off-topic postings will be deleted or moved to a different forum. This helps our members who have slow connections or little time, to gather information quickly about the activities at the waterhole.
  • If you wish to start a new topic page for sightings and/or pictures for the cam, please look at the time in South Africa (which is displayed on the cams) when deciding on the date to post your messages under, to avoid confusion for all.
  • Each 'new day's' postings should start when/after 24.00hrs is shown on the cams - that way we will all know which thread to post under!
Thank you!