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Poll question

Who can click on (any forum topic) the new comment and it takes you right to that comment? Or who does it take right to the begining of the forum and you have to click on the last page and go to the last comment yourself? It used to take me right to the "new" comment  and no longer does.....just curious and thanks for your answer!


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have mine set so the oldest is 1st...cant seem to get the reading backwards down. It used to take me to the newest but doesnt anymore. I have done cleaned out cookies and whatever else was suggested by africam and still it does not do what it used to. I just want it to be like it used to be and take me right to the newest comment!

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Hi chris, check at the bottom of the forum thread to see if you have your settings set where it sorts the comments by date- newest first. I have mine set for flat list - expanded; date- newest first ; 30 comments per page. Be sure to save your settings. Also I think it is a cookie setting so if you delete the cookies will revert to the default. Also be sure you are signed. Hope this helps. I use that method all the time to keep up with what is new on the forum threads.

eta:  using the active discussion page link to see which threads have new posts since I was at and refreshed that thread. 


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