Poor quality of PPO's cam

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Poor quality of PPO's cam

The picture from the nest is terribly blurred, any movement makes it even worse.  Also, there is an overhang masking part of the picture, sometimes worse than others.

I'm sure it wasn't this bad for the last clutch - can't anything be done about it?  Or it is only apparent in faraway places but OK locally?

Very much hoping to get a good view of PPO and her chicks.

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Hello Clemenza, Africam continues to work on technical issues with the PPO view. It is compounded by the leaves reflection, especially at this time of day, as Hanneke said. It is also a very sensitive time with PPO since any activity on the patio might disrupt her nesting.

They were a week old yesterday and growing SO fast. They should open their eyes in about a week which will increase their activity. They are the sweetest little things Smiling.

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Hallo  clemenzia,

As long as the  sun  is  at  this  angle

and the leaves are blowing  it  is hard to

keep focused .

Zoomies  are  doing  the  best  they  can .

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