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post your ( true) christmas story

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post your ( true) christmas story

 i was working for government   i was sanding  corners   on a 100 mile stretch of highway

it was christmas day  ( 8,00 in morning )-  i came around a corner and thier was a volkswagon bug  stopped

on the road-  they had a flat tire- and the spare was flat-  i took the man and wife back to  

our  number one maintenece camp-  took them to the cook shack  for coffee and cookies which the

cook had made-  i went into the shop and helped  a  mecchanic and we fixed both tires

then i took the two travelers back down the road some 20 miles -made sure  thier  car

was running and warmed up  then i followed them past  the highway camp and then 

  70 miles to   the small town at the end of the highway to where they would spend

the holidays with thier relitives -  i blew the air horn on truck as they turned off into the town

i continued on to  camp number two   gravel pit for another load of sand - continued my shift   -

that was  a chritmas day i will allway remember -( well that amd one of my sister being

born at home  christmas day )   true story

                         now post  your story  - merry christmas 



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I have two Christmas stories.  They neither one actually happened on Christmas day but are about the season.

The first one is about the first year I was divorced and trying to support 4 kids, 5 years apart, after being out of the work force since I had married 20 years before.  I worked part-time and made minimum wage.  I had 2 girls in the 5th grade, and sons in the seventh and ninth grades.  And there was no way possible to give them Christmas.  We were doing good to keep the mortgage paid and the the electricity and water on.  We weren't getting ANY child support.

The week before Christmas, my mother came to visit and handed me a card.  Inside was a beautiful note telling me how she admired how I was trying to support my family and teach them values and that she wished she were a person that could adopt a child (Three of my 4 were adopted and I believe that anyone can do it!.  Inside was a brand new $100 bill (In the 60's this was a bunch of money.)She said to take it and make sure I divided it 5 ways so we would all have something for Christmas.  And there was no signature.

I asked my mother who would do such a wonderful thing.  She said this person approached her after hearing about us from a mutual friend of theirs.  The stipulation was that I was NEVER to know where the money came from. 

Several years later, a few weeks before my mother passed, she told me that the lady that had just visited when we were there was the woman that had given the money.  When I asked why she hadn't told me while I could thank her she said that the woman didn't do it to be thanked but to thank me.  And my mother knew she wouldn't be around to introduce me anonymously even at a later time.  And she knew I would like to know who to thank even though I couldn't do it in person. 

Every year I hear little ones say, "There's no such thing as Santa Claus."  And I just have to say, "I know there IS a Santa Claus because I've seen Santa and seen the gifts that were left person!

The second story is at Christmas that same year I met Santa.  My mother made it to her favorite month even though she had ALS.  But she was paralyzed from the neck down and couldn't speak...just communicate through blinking her eyes.  My father wouldn't let anyone care for her except himself.  And I had a son graduating from the Indiana State Police Academy on Dec 20.  She wanted to be there but there was no way she could go.  And if she couldn't go, my father WOULDN'T go.  She was hospitalized the week before his graduation and my father stayed by her side.  They made sure I attended all of my son's open houses, meet the "family" gatherings, and every other festivity they were having that week.  She also told me that, if anything happened to her, we were still to go to his graduation and have his graduation party, because he had worked hard to achieve that goal.

On Friday afternoon, after one open house for family, I stopped by the hospital to fill them in on all they had missed.  My mother "blinked" that she wanted my father to go home and get some rest because she was worried about him.  He didn't want to go but promised he would for her if I'd stay until he could get back.  I promised and he went home to bed.

My son and his girlfriend came to visit her that Friday night, Dec 17, and filled her in on all the great things that were happening.  She "blinked" that she wanted to be there and would be there "in spirit".  We tucked her in and I curled in my "chair-bed" and we went to sleep. 

On Sat morning, I felt her trying to speak to me and woke up.  She blinked that she was tired.  I asked if she had a bad  night and she said her muscles hurt to breathe and said that she was "ready".  I said, "Ok."  We both blinked a few times.  I gave her a hug, then grabbed the pad where we wrote what she blinked. 

 This is what she said:

I'm ready to go.  I don't want to die in a hospital or at home so it's time to get me to that nursing home I picked.  And can you please turn up the volume on the Chicago Bears football game?  I did and then went to the nurses to arrange her transportation.  They were amazed that she was directing her last little bit of time on earth and doing it by merely blinking.  (She had already had us give away all her clothes except for her gowns, robe, slippers, and the "funeral clothes" as she called them, so that my father wouldn't have to do that himself.)

My daughter and her boyfriend came to visit just before she was moved and she told them the nursing home wouldn't have a fan or tv, could they bring one from home please?  So they left on that errand.

I followed the ambulance to the nursing home and met my daughter and her boyfriend, with the fan, tv, and her dog, there.  They visited a while and left to take the dog home.  My other son and daughter arrived and said hello just as two aides came in to give my mother a bath, brush her teeth and get her ready for bed.  My mother was always very picky about how she was "arranged" because her body would get tired of not propped correctly.  I gave instructions for propping and we left her for a short time.

When we were called back in, she was propped up in bed smiling.  She had a smug look like, I told you they could do it! And she looked out her window to see not one HUGE Christmas tree lit up in the center of the "U" of the home, but her room was positioned to see every tree in every room up and down both sides of the complex.  That's when I got the "See, I told you I'd be happy here" look.  My mother dearly loved Christmas time and Christmas trees of all kinds. 

She watched the lights for awhile and then blinked, "I got to see them all, didn't I?. Even Julie (the dog)."  I told her yes and she smiled again.  Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep at about 10 pm. 

The nurse's changed at 11 and when they came to check on her, they said her legs were turning black and she wouldn't last long.  I said about how long and the answer was a couple of weeks or maybe a little longer.  I looked again at 11:30.  They came in at 12 and I said she won't be here at dawn.  They said there was no way it would be that soon. 

But I knew my mother.  I knew she wanted to be at the graduation and that she wanted everyone to go.  So she unselfishly decided it was time.  When they came in at 1:30 am I told them I think she's gone.  And they checked her pulse......two more beats and that was all. 

She told me she would be up there watching all of us and to celebrate the day for her too.  What she didn't know at the time was that my father had developed double pneumonia while caring for her and when we took him to the Emergency Room later that day, Dec 19, he was down to 116 pounds.  He was put on bedrest until the night before my mother's funeral service and only got to go for about an hour for visitation that night. 

On Dec 20, all of my family got together and went to the state capitol for the graduation ceremony.  I was thrilled when my son asked me to pin on his badge!  (And that's really not easy to do!)  After shaking hands with the governor and filming for my father, we went to my aunt's house for a reception celebration.  She said she wasn't sure it would be alright, but she had offered in cas we still wanted to celebrate.  And she knew we wouldn't have time to put it together.  We could feel my mother's smile saying, "See, I knew I'd get my way again.  I get to see it all!"

I had been scheduled for surgery on Dec 23, but it was postponed for my mother's funeral service.  My father, both my daughters, my youngest son and close family and friends were there.  They had driven through a real blizzard to come.  But my oldest son wasn't there.  We waited for about half an hour and we worried.  (This was before a cell phone in every pocket.)  After 45 minutes we started the service, knowing there was a good reason he wasn't there yet and that my mother would have understood.

About half-way through the service, my oldest son came in, wet to his knees and frozen.  It seems he was going into an intersection that was filled with drifts when the car in front of him got stuck.  There was a woman and three little ones in the car.  He got out, got his shovel, and plowed her out, followed her to a safe place to stay, and then proceeded to the funeral. 

He just said, I knew that's what she would want.  She was watching over me and the lady and her family instead of me watching her service.

Both true stories.  Oh, and one more in common with Alf's buddy.   It's my cousin's birthday.

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