Naledi camera is down. We are working on a solution.


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Looks like the cam is down for Potted Plant Owl again. According to the chart it is up, but I can't get it to load on my computer today.

Please refer this message to someone to get the feed going again. Thank you so much.

tielfeathers (not verified)
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The PPO channel seems to be buffering constantly, causing the sound to go in and out, which is quite aggravating. I know you are having problems on another site, too - are you aware that PPO is having the same? I'm hoping everything is back to normal before the eggs hatch.

Thanks for all your hard work.

tielfeathers (not verified)
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What is going on that the cam is down so much? Do all the other cams have this much trouble? I finally find a webcam I love and can't watch it!!

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Hallo Tielfeathers

Yes  it  is  down  and  has  been  reported  !!!!!

So   we  hope   to  have  it  back  as  soon  as  possible

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