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Private messages disappeared

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Joined: Feb 17 2006
Private messages disappeared

After a long absence I logged in last week to access some of the private messages that I received in the past. But my inbox was empty - all messages were gone. Sad Also the 'sent messages' box was almost empty - only one message from December 2007 was still there.

They are not in my recycle bin and I am 100% sure I didn't delete them.

Am I the only one who lost almost all messages? Does that happen when you don't log in for a while?


Tabs (not verified)
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I 'complained' about the loss off pvt messages over a year ago - I had not been on Africam, at the time, for a couple of months but found, when I came back, that almost all of my pvt messages had been deleted. I told '3 of the Mods' about this at the time but had no satisfactory response at the time as they did not know why my pvt messages had been deleted and seemed to be reluctant to investigate it further.

I did not persue this any further at the time but I have, tonight, revisited my personal inbox, after reading Katja's message, and found that - suprise? - many of my recent pvt messages have also disappeared!

If our pvt messages are to be deleted after a certain time, for whatever reason, could Admin, or the Mods, please let us know in a 'sticky' that this will happen and why?

The loss of my pvt messages also means losing contact with some of my friends,  who I didn't ask for their email addys or other contact details  because I felt that I could continue to contact them via my africam pvt messages.




Iceage (not verified)
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i had the same errors (: I know its to late , But not for me. What i did is select and copy the message i wanted to save and after that pasted it in a word document. (and saved that)

Take care and be safe.




Karen A (not verified)
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Hi Katja, thanks for bringing this to my attention.  After reading your e-mail I checked my msgs and they too are all gone except for a few.  Admin, thanks for the advice to move them, I just never thought it was something that needed to be done.  I don't need them to be retreived but now know I need to move them if I want to keep them.

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Thank you for your reply! No, I didn't get any feedback on this before.

It was information I would have liked to keep but not of major importance, so not necessary to spend time to retrieve it from the archive. But thanks a lot for your offer.

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Joined: Apr 23 2007

Hi Katja

Again sorry to hear of this - i was under the impression u got feedback on this?

Anyway on investigation it turned out when we did our last upgrade the PM archive automatically kicked in and its default setting was 3 months !

Well, we have now changed that to 12 months. But, in addition, if u move email u want to keep to the custom folder, this is never deleted.

If this data/info is of major importance we may be able to retrieve it as i think the archive is still be there - please let me know.

We are of course really very busy right now with our upgrade, but i will be able to give this my attention then



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