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Problem Logging Out

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Problem Logging Out

Hi Mods, I am not able to log out. I was logged in and at the top of the page it told me I was logged out and I could not post but my name was still appearing on the top of the boards as being logged in. I then logged back in so that I could post - now I can't log out. HELP

Lily (not verified)
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Hi ----

I logged out at the top of the board last night (somewhere between 1130 pm and midnight).  This morning ( 0730 am) after I got up, I turned the computer on, came here, and  I find that I am still logged in, so that would be 8 hours that I was not here, but it looks as though I was.    My name was still in the list of online members last night after logging out, but I know there is a little lag there, so did not think more of it. 

ADDED :   Sat. June 30/07  7:38 pm PST (British Columbia, Canada) Same thing this afternoon...had been out and pc turned off for several hours.   I just came back, and I am still logged in..

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