Tembe lights out. Nkorho cam has connection problems. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience.

Problem Now Fixed

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Problem Now Fixed

I've been one who since the new player was put in place hasn't been able to view the watering hole.  I tried something tonight that worked for me.  I reloaded WMP 11 and now I can view the watering hole! 

Before I would be able to watch the intro and then my screen would be black with the "ready" button showing.  If you are having the same problem, give it a try.  I worked for me!

Gerda (not verified)
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Glad to hear you were able to solve your problem Bob Smiling



Bob Fin (not verified)
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I also want to thank everyone who tried to help me out.  The people who view Africam are the best! 

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