Problems waterhole pump at Tembe

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Problems waterhole pump at Tembe

Could you please check on the pumps at Tembe as the water hole appears to be empty.


Dianag (not verified)
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Hi Shushin, I'm an absolute TWIT!!!. Was reacting to someone else's post without checking properly. At present I'm dying of the heat and saw the elephants at the left depressions with very little water I over-reacted. Humble apologies to all!

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Hi The waterhole may be low but it is certainly not empty.  Personally I dont see a reason for the owners of Tembe to pump water yet.  Smiling it is our rainy season so we should be getting some rain to top it up soon


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I think what you thought was the waterhole was actually the small pools of water which formed during recent rains. The elephants like to go there to drink and to wallow in the mud. The actual waterhole is to the right of where the elephants are standing and has plenty of water.

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Hi, I am sorry but we have no authority over the pumps at Tembe that is up to the park. The water level is not so bad at the moment.

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