Cat-EYE and Nkorho Cams are down. Tembe Cam has no audio. We are working on solutions.


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This is my first time on here but i have watched the live cam off and on for a lil bit, now this may sound really stupid and what not but where are all the people and the tribes every time i view the live cam there is only animals by the water pond and wwwwayyyyyyyy in the back you might see some people going in and outta the houses and what not. Africa is suppose to be a poor country how the heck do people there afford cars and houses.. NO BASHING ME

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Hello golden Angel

First off Africa is a continent not a country and the camera's are in South Africa the country in which I live.  South Africa is a very first world country and is the economic hubb of the continent of Africa we have big cities and many buildings here.   South Africa has poverty too due to economic refugees which come here from other places in Africa looking for opportunities and work.  Our population is large and we dont even have enough jobs for our own people thus these economic refugees put huge pressure on our resources. There are large parts of greater Africa where there is huge poverty due to wars and conflict.

here are some images of johannesburg the economic capital of South Africa

and these are pictures of Cape town

these are images of the diversity of people who live in South Africa we have 11 official languages here in South Africa

Hope this information has helped you some what

kind regards



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Nkorho and Elephant Plains cams are situated within the Sabi Sands game reserve which is open to the Kruger Park in the east but is fenced in on its western and southern boundaries and these are specially designated wildlife areas.  The lodge you sometimes see is for guests from all over the world who come to see the animals in their natural environment.  The residential areas are outside the reserve - I'm not sure of the actual distance from Nkorho but maybe 15 to 20 miles away.

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What you see at times at the waterholes is the resort lodge which is a commercial lodging for guests.  The people you see are either those that work at the lodge or guests at the lodge.  Some other member that has been there might be able to give you further information as to where the local villages are in relation to the cams.  I hope this helps and welcome Africam.  I hope you will join us in the daily created chit chat thread in the Boma forum.  That is where we talk about what we are seeing and you are welcome to ask questions there too.


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