Idube Cam is down. Olifants River cam is down due to damaged fiber switches. We are working on solutions.


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 Elephant has not been working and why is it so far away?

A long time ago I used to come on here and take highlight pics and they were lots closer and got pics of Elephants Giraffes Zebra Lions Rhinos and lots isnt there cam like that now?

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Unfortunately ...It looks that the biggest part of the day EP is unmanned ...

I really hope and wait patiently for this ...that Africam will find a way for better zoom work soon ...Smiling

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Welcome back Karen! Africam has two live streaming cameras, one at Nkorho Lodge and one at Elephant Plains Lodge. They both have staff who move the cameras but they have other duties as well. (Nkorho moves more than Elephant Plains.) You can access both from the Home Page by clicking on the radio buttons under the video or the links in the left column under "Streaming Cams". Right under that are "Refresh Cams" which are also interesting. Feel free to join us in the Watering Hole or Campfire chat threads. We're a friendly bunch.

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