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Questions for the Lodge

I have looked at alot of the blogs and observed the video of the lodge , pictures of the lodge etc....

* Is there a fence of some kind around the lodge ? I was wondering how you keep the animals away from the pool... or people who are eating outside on the deck... especially, while everyone is sleeping.

* Is there a name for the male teenage elephant who wanders in & out of the area... I call him mischievious but, am sure that the lodge or rangers have some kind of name for him Sticking out tongue .

* My family & I have talked about coming to the lodge. When is the best game viewing times? Is right now..what you call the rainy season ?

I appreciate your time.... Thank You Laughing out loud



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Hi Angie - most of the camps do not have fences. At night the guests are escorted to and from their rooms and the rangers have a fairly good idea where the dangerous game is. Should there be a situation where dangerous game is in the area the Lodge is put on alert and the situation is dealt with accordingly. Let me know if you think I have not answered fully enough and I will try to oblige.

Yours in Parking

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