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ranger reports

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ranger reports

Gday i done one of my rare passes through the waterhole last night. And i notice i miss all these great ranger reports.. this seems strange and not real logical. why dont the rangers put this info in sightings or in  sightings discussions where it accessable to all quickly rather than in the waterhole  where it  gets lost and takes hours of searching to find`. i understand u cant control where people report or log whether right or wrong but the staff is another issue.

sorry if i seem like i complain alot but the reality is in all the years i have been coming here i havent ever found the need too, till now.. so much so that i have had 2 memberships slip outta of existence simply because i was content and never needed to log in.

anyway i think it would be easier and more beneficial im sure there are ten other opinions so .....  have a good day all, happy spotting.....

LostInOz (not verified)
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Oh cool thanks Cerinthe, much easier then getting lost in the waterhole lol.. have a good day LostinOz (paul)

ok just checked it out and handy info there cerinthe. but i was refering to in the waterhole. where i saw a ranger had reported very graciously that a rhino was on its way around, and would be in cam range in a min. and i thought maybe they or a mod could also post it in sightings or alternately sightings disussions as its not officially a sighting till on cam lol.

cheers will use that other bit though, very handy,   thanks again :)  LostInOz(paul)

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In the forum for the Watering hole, there is a special topic with all of their posts.

Posts of the Nkorho rangers are re-posted in this topic, look here

Always look at the last entry

LostInOz (not verified)
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Oh nearly forgot, if the ranger see's some wild dogs in his/her journey's.... could he/she "suggest" to them that they come visit the cam... Smiling lol ty

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