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Red Kite, other Birdwatching, Amarulla and Dung-spitting Meet

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Red Kite, other Birdwatching, Amarulla and Dung-spitting Meet

Kate and myself are planning a UK Africammer/WLC meet this summer, around the M3/4 corridor (Maidenhead or further west) to watch the fantastic Red Kites - and other birds - see the local sights and share a bottle or two of Amarula.

Dung spitting may be an optional extra, if we can source the dung! and 'Springbokking' will also be on offer!

Further details will be posted soon

Anyone interested in coming to this meet (date yet to be decided) will be more than welcome! It has been far too long since we had a meet in the uk - help us to make it happen!

Email me on or reply here



MarlynUK (not verified)
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Hi Tabs, been a long time. My partner is in High Wycombe so certainly would be interested in a meet. We see the kites here, all the time. Keep us posted Smiling




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