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Red-billed Quelea

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Hi everybody,


In Africa the Red-billed Quelea is considered a plague, but I some eyes (like mine) they are very beautiful little Birds.

After studying this species a little more I discovered they actually appear in more than one  standard coror.  This phenomen is called polymorphism.

To discover how far this variation goes it might be an idea to place some pics of 'different' Quelea here.

Does anyone here have any photo's of 'different' colored Quelea?



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 Hi everybody, Being the


Hi everybody,


Being the most abundant birdspecies in the World the chances to breed an albino or other discoloration in Red-billed Quelea populations are considerable.


Are there any members who ever saw a 'full' albino or any other discoloration in RBQ, please let me know.


Thanks in advance.


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