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Remote Cam

Hi to all of you at N pan.

Is it at all possible for the camara at NP to be handed over to a moderator when zoomies are of duty?

We have such a resposble and dedicated bunch of people that watch at night and Im sure thay would be more than happy to take control at night.


marcel01 (not verified)
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Yes phillbrad, a good idea, and now comes the "BUT" again: i dont think this is possible becuase of following things:


*technical things(which i dont know)

*moderators cant look from the lodge where the animals are

*people asking,"can i take the control? can i take the control" all the time   in live chat and forums and private message etc.

*costs(because of more bandwith would be necessary, i think)



I'm sorry, but i dont think this is possible. Maybe admin can say what he thinks of this.


Happy camming! Smiling


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