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Rhino Orphan Rescued After Its Mother Was Killed By Poachers

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Rhino Orphan Rescued After Its Mother Was Killed By Poachers

A team from WWF, Indian government and partner organizations have succesfully rescued an orphaned Indian Rhino after its mother was gunned down by poachers last week for her horn.

Once officials from Manas National Park discovered the body of the mother rhino they knew that time was short to find its only 2 week old male calf. Without its mother's milk the rhino would surely die of starvation.

After a desperate search the baby rhino was finally located and brought in by the team to receive veterinary care. It appears to be very traumatized and confused by what has happened, but thankfully otherwise stable.

“It was a challenge getting hold of the calf as it was very scared but thankfully it is fine and doing well now,” said WWF’s Deba Dutta, a member of the rescue team from WWF.

Unfortunately, the tragic tale is not over as these rhinos are extremely dependent on their mother's care. Rehabiltation experts will be brought in to advise on caring for the animal and hopefully at some point reintroduce it into the wild.

The global rhino crisis has continued to escalate in dramatic fashion over the last few years with over 600 killed for their horns last year in South Africa alone.

Is there anything you can do to help the rhino? In fact there is. You can start by learning more about the WWF #killthetrade initiative to stop illegal wildlife trade HERE.

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