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Rhino Poachers Shot Dead In Kruger

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Rhino Poachers Shot Dead In Kruger

SAPA is reporting that three suspected rhino poachers were killed by rangers in the Kruger National Park on Wednesday.

The rangers heard a gunshot which sent them in search of the poachers. Three Mozambican men were found at the site in their 20's, and upon being discovered, there was a shootout.

Fortunately, all the rangers were unharmed. The three poachers were killed during the confrontation and some ammunition along with a hunting rifle was recovered from the area.

The rangers have not found any dead or wounded rhinos in the region as of yet but are keeping a close eye on the situation.

<source: News 24 SAPA>

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You go Rangers!  Poachers

You go Rangers!  Poachers don't get a second chance anymore...sorry, but it's gotten too bad. The slaughter must stop and hopefully today, it did for  a little while.

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Thank You RANGERS!

Thank You RANGERS!

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Well Done to the Rangers.Hope

Well Done to the Rangers.Hope they have many more successful dats like Wednesday.

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