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Rhino Day Has Come and Gone? No...Its Just Getting Started

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Rhino Day Has Come and Gone? No...Its Just Getting Started

The horns were blown and noises were made all around the globe!  While WWF and Africam, along with other conservation groups were working diligently across the web to demand attention be paid to the plight of the rhino, how did you make a difference? We asked a few of our viewers how they supported Rhino Day, and one story struck me as being one of both inspiration and amazement. I had kept an eye on the comments and postings of our viewers throughout the day and was very pleased with the support of all the hard work that had been done by so many. I read notes and listened to thoughts that were shared. Some told me they put the Rhino Day link on personal facebook pages, blogs, business sites and more.  The day was unfolding into a huge success.
As the day progressed, the vuvuzelas were put away, and dancers and singers went back to work. It was then that I came across a viewer that casually mentioned she had shared the plight of the rhino with friends she had in different parts of the world. She gave them the Rhino Day link with hopes they might donate to the worthy cause. I asked her to keep me posted, not realizing what her next update would be. Within 24 hours, she had people from the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, Germany, and Korea all focused on raising $1000.00 dollars within 24 hours. I was amazed, simply amazed.  I continued to sort through comments and read so many inspiring thoughts such as these:
“ I'm urging my government to earmark part of the money they give to Africa towards stopping poaching.”
“Rhino Day at Africam  was such a moving and wonderful experience. Reading of the arrests of a major South African poaching ring made the day all the better. Thanks to NK and EP for their beautiful and  moving experience. I will never forget. My sincere wishes that this day be recorded in history as the day the world saved the rhino.”
With Rhino Day coming to an end I wondered if people would turn their lights out that night and  forget that the activities  had been just the beginning of hope for the rhino.
The day ended on a high note for me, as the viewer I had spoken to said her friends had surpassed the goal and collected nearly $3000.00.  What a wonderful way to end the day that was dedicated to stopping those loathsome poachers. An update as of this writing – our new found friends across the world have donated almost $5000.00, with a comment from one of the donators: "Why is Rhino Day only one should be for at least a week!" It never ceases to amaze me how true concern for another, be it man or beast, can spur us on to do amazing things.

While the rhino cannot defend himself from the poacher that is laying in wait for him at the waterhole, we can make it harder for the poacher by providing more rangers, more protection, and more awareness. Rhino Day was a huge success in bringing awareness to a badly needed cause. The poaching issues have been a problem for many many years, and the war to stop them has continued throughout those years. Maybe now that the world knows about such a horrible practice, we might have a chance to save the lives of rhinos that would otherwise fall victim to these poachers. The protection of our rhino is a battle that will have to be fought for many years to come, with every penny being a step forward with hope and determination behind every coin. 
Africam says thank you to all of you, for your time, your support, and your dedication to the animals and their habitat. Thank you for supporting Rhino Day and all it represents. Now lets get back to those cams!


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Nice blog!!

Nice blog!!

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Amazing how friends from

Amazing how friends from around the world can and do become one in a home of God's creatures.  Please don't forget, Rhino Day is not for a day.  It is and will be a long fight for us all.  These amazing cretures are not to be left behind and just a picture in some book for our children to see and read about.  They are creatures of our futures and our childrens, and so on.  I want to say thsank you to all those who helped and shared this amazing Day with others and cared to help.  And money is not the only way to help.  Spreading the word, never forgetting, and remember always God made Africa a special place for some very great creatures big and small. 


Thank you South Africa


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