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A beloved Africammer of many years has passed away.   Took, sometimes known as Florian on The Boma and Greywolf in chat died on 8th December, 2014.  This was announced by the Vienna Burgtheater.  You can read the link here

Took was one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of chatting with and he will be very much missed. 

He attended an Africam meetup in Vienna in 2008

Africammers at the Meet were from left to right: 

florian, annie, cerinthe, Ursula, geschu and katja

RIP Dear Took.  You and Annie are together once more and will not be forgotten.

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Old Africammer and friend of Took   Margaret Barren attended Tooks service and wake here is the run down for his friends who could not be there

" It was a service of 'remembrance' with several of his friends reading out their memories and a well known German opera singer (I don't remember her name) performing 2 aria's, one of which, I believe, was especially written for Florian, the other being one of his favourites.

As it was all in German, I couldn't follow much that was said - but one of his closest friends did mention his love of Africam and the cameras and chat rooms, and how he met Toni through Africam - that much I did understand!

Flo had already been cremated and, after the service in the chapel, we all went to his family grave, which also contains the remains of his parents and Toni/~annie.
His urn was placed in the grave and everyone attending put a tiny shovel of earth over the urn and, in many cases, a single white rose. I said my final 'goodbye' to him at that point, from myself and also from his Africam freinds around the world.

Afterwards everyone gathered at Florian's favourite cafe/bar, l'ombra, for the 'wake' and I flew back to London in the evening, nursing my memories of the wonderful times that I spent with Florian (and Toni before she died) in Vienna - and the fun that we had together, as Took and (his auntie) Belladonna, in the old (Brian's) Africam chat room.

I can also report that Florian's beloved bird, Willie, is now safely installed in a loving home - of which Flo would have approved - and is thriving!"


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My dear friend,

Words cannot describe the loss that I feel. You were such a friend and confidant. I miss you. I will cherish the memories of watching the cams together and chatting. You were so proud of me for having the courage to go all the way to Africa on my own! I will miss your encouragement in all my endeavours. Good night sweet prince....

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R.I.P. Took.  You will be missed so very much in chat.  Our friend Took has become a memory, but that memory, will become our treasure.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the delightful conversations in chat.

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A wonderful member so kind and helpful, we will never forget you  RIP Took

Doris (tomato)



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took / grey wolf / florian - i will never forget you and your kindness . You were a great friend and i will miss you forever - love

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RIP Took, you have been a real special friend for lots of years, you made everyone feel so special. You were always a gentleman and so caring and positive. I will never forget those special pm chats and skypeing with you. My heartfelt condolences to all your friends and family. You will be missed dearly. 





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I barely knew you, but you were an Africam legend. Enjoy the critters from your birds-eye view! 

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What an absolute pleasure it was interacting with Florian. He never failed to leave me a message on my birthday. He always had good things to say about everyone, and never a negative word I heard. He lived a great life doing what he loved each and every day, and he was forever young at heart. 

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i'm thankful i got to know you took. you were a very kind and sweet man. may you rip.

    your friend,


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RIP Took 


He always was very kind to me I will fondly remember how nice he was and the conversations we have had he will be missed

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