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I received a message from RogerH on Friday and another this morning letting me know all is OK there.  They have had a nasty ice storm go through that knocked out all power & it may be down for another 2 or 3 days, yet.  They have a generator that is keeping them comfortable while they wait for the utility company to get things back up & running.  Just wanted to let his friends here know so they won't worry.  ;)  I will post any updates.

 Pam - Lady's Mom

Ladys Mom (not verified)
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LOL  I told Roger what our weather is doing......he replied he'd rather have -12° WITH electricity than his 52° WITHOUT!  I'm not sure which I'd chose!  Sticking out tongue

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Thanks, Pam, tell Roger to stay warm and safe, you, too!

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Thanks for letting us know Pam!

Say hi to Roger, and wrap up warm Smiling


Ladys Mom (not verified)
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Good morning from a FREEZING Minnesota!  -12°F on the bank thermometer across the street.  Wind chills are in the -50°F range.  Thankfully the snow has stopped until tomorrow so life goes on!  And....we're for SURE not as bad off as Roger!  LOL  Just heard from him a bit ago.  They are still doing OK with the generator purring away.  There is hope they will have power restored tomorrow & he talked to the cable guy who said cable will be 2 days behind the power.  So it may be Thursday or Friday before he is back on-line.  Will post anything more that I hear!


Gerda (not verified)
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Thanks Pam. Say hi to Roger from us !


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Thanks so much for letting us know. You keep warm in Minnesota too Frown

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Thanks Pam, tell them to keep warm and we think of them.

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