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Rules for the animals of Nkorho pan

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Rules for the animals of Nkorho pan

Rules of Nkorho Watering Hole


1. Each animal is to show itself at the waterhole at least once every fortnight. (Exceptions: see rule 4) - Fabby

1a. These visits will be spread throughout the day, allowing viewers in every timezone to see a diversity of wildlife. - Fabby

2. Animals are not to make any sound, if they are not planning on moving into camera view within 10 minutes. This excludes birds, who are allowed to make sounds at all times. - Fabby

2a. Insects are not to make any sound at all. - Fabby

2b. Animals shall make certain sounds as they are seen on cam, thus allowing viewers to identify certain sounds for certain creatures. - Fabby

3. Nor are animals to creep up on viewers. They are to make their signature sounds 5 minutes before apearing into view, allowing viewers to take action, like opening programmes like WMSnap and Fraps. - Fabby

3a. At all times, the area behind the camera is a no-activity zone. - Grannycat

4. Big cats/predators are to show themselves at least once a month, and preferably on Bank Holidays as well. - Fabby

4a. Leopards should appear twice on Sundays - Ingwe

5. Larger mammals (cape buffs, hippos, rhinos) shall leave the water in a clean condition for the other animals. - Lana/Lady in Michigan

5a. Aforementioned larger animals shall not be greedy with the water. They shall leave enough water so it will not be difficult for the smaller animals to have a drink. - Lana/Lady in Michigan

6. Animals are not to make any warning calls unless something serious is going on. For example, baboons are not to call when there is a scorpion or snake in the tree, only if there is a big cat around. - Fabby

7. No bird is allowed to nest on or near the mic. - ex-centric

7a. When a bird is sitting on the cam, it should bend over and show his face to the viewers. - Gerda

8. Spiders shall not make webs on camera lens. - Lana/Lady in Michigan

9. Elephants shall never meddle in any way with the water pipe! - Grannycat

10. All animals are to become vegetarians.....immediately. No excuses. Get protein from peanut butter. - Kay/Azlady13

11. All poo poo shots by our resident elephants and others that are so inclined to relieve themselves out of camera view and we can ONLY hear, then see the watermelon size deposits left around the pond, MUST do so in front of the camera. That way we can give credit to said party. -Mrs. Charlie

11a. Or all elephants shall do their business AWAY from the waterhole border so we don't spend the next 3 days trying to identify what creature aforementioned poo belongs to. -CynthiaB

12. All said Safari drivers from this day forward must stop in front of the camera, wave and say hello to EACH of us by name - Mrs Charlie

13. Licking the camera lens is unacceptable as it is the direct cause of our snowy condition. -Mrs Charlie

14. There are punishments for infractions.........the Cape Buffalo's shall be encouraged to play in the WH for 24 hours and it will not be refilled. - Grannycat

15. In the event of camera outages or camera feed issues - no matter the reasons - all animals will wait, at stage right or stage left and make their appearance, in order of arrival at the waterhole. This shall be done without pushing and shoving and until such time as the camera is back online and your viewing public is assembled. Any bickering or shoving will result in the offender being sent to the back of the line to contemplate their unacceptable behaviour. - Mini Monkey

16. All species are to appoint one indivual to try and run into view if they feel they are going into labour. - Fabby

17. All newborns will be paraded prominently in cam view for all bomites to OHH & AHH over just as soon as they are able to walk, swim, slither, fly, crawl..... - Lady's Mom

18. All wildie babies are to be lined up twice a day for a head count. Mamma wildies are to place the babies in a line and have them remain in position until all viewers can get a correct head count. This is to be done twice a day, early morning and evening before IR change. At each line up, wildie babies are to wear a color coded scarf for ID purposes. It is the responsibility of Mamma to be sure the babies do not trick us by trading colors. The scarves are to be stored in the green box back by the lodge when not in use. - Debby

19. All animals shall space their visits equally between daylight & evening hours. Some of us have to work for a living, ya know. - cynthiab

20. All animals shall do a sound check and adjust their volume to the same level of the first animal to sound off at night. This will allow all Africam members to keep their speakers at the same volume throughout the night-time viewing and prevent any unnecessary frights and spilling of coffee, tea, pop, beer, or other assorted beverages after they have turned their speakers up to hear that quiet or distant sound only to be followed by a close and very loud roar, bark, whoop, and/or cough. - jandd86

21. Baboons are not allowed to become camera technicians without proper training. - Chesapeake

22. All forementioned and futher rules are to be posted at the watering hole for all animals to read. That way there can be no confusion when demerits are handed out. In the case of an illiterate animal a picture book can be provide, or an audio explaing said rules. - Caleanne

Be inspired and add more rules or guidelines Eye-wink

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Mythbusters: Are elephants afraid of mice?

click here




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azlady13 wrote:
9. All animals are to become vegetarians.....immediately.  No excuses.  Get protein from peanut butter. Kay/Azlady13

We now need an alternative - the price of peanut butter is skyrocketing!

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ALL  toads and frogs must keep on croaking

when BORIS (saddle bill stork )

OR HANK  (  grey  heron  )  are in  the pans  Laughing

all crickets must learn sign language

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all animals, other than the aforementioned babboons, must not mess with cams in order that they cannot be viewed openly.

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until further notice  all  RHINO,S  WILL



from   teresa in the fast chat africam site

the animals are not allowed to

impersonate other animals

the smaller critters must present themselves on this side of the wh for viewing

Afrimoo (not verified)
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All cats must count to twenty before attacking any giraffe's drinking at the waterholes. This is to be done in honour of the traddition that everyone is entitled to a sporting chance.

Fabby (not verified)
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Time for a bit of variation amongst all those Wateringhole Chat threads, if you ask me Eye-wink

Fabby (not verified)
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Another new rule!!


Baboons are not allowed to become camera technicians without proper training. - Chesapeake


Isn't this one apt!

ex-centric (not verified)
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Wink  Great new rule going over to post them soon then?

Fabby (not verified)
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We have a new rule Laughing out loud

all forementioned and futher rules are to be posted at the watering hole for all animals to read. That way there can be no confusion when demerits are handed out. In the case of an illiterate animal a picture book can be provide, or an audio explaing said rules - Caleanne

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