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Rules for the animals of Nkorho pan

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Mini Monkey (not verified)
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Here is another rule - for your consideration:

In the event of camera outages or camera feed issues - no matter the reasons – all animals will wait, at stage right or stage left and make their appearance, in order of arrival at the waterhole. This shall be done without pushing and shoving and until such time as the camera is back online and your viewing public is assembled.  Any bickering or shoving will result in the offender being sent to the back of the line to contemplate their unacceptable behavior.


ex-centric (not verified)
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Yes Fabby they seem to be following the rules in an orderly manner and I am NOT looking forward to the cricket season...I used to love that game!!!

However rules 4a and 7a have had some serious ongoing infractions....just letting you knowLaughing

Fabby (not verified)
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Bump.. Are the animals still sticking to the rules? It seems to me the cats are visiting more frequently now, good kitties! Laughing out loud

How about those noisy little buggers, soon it's going to be cricket season, if I'm not mistaken..

Fabby (not verified)
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Lol Mrs Charlie, what a wonderful video!! Laughing

Thanks Katja for editing first post! Smiling

kaswolf (not verified)
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Cool  Love these rules

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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Dear Fabby: We have captured a real infraction of YOUR rules, and we would like to ask the following. Could you please add another rule so that this type of infraction comes to an immediate halt. Upon close inspection of the rules, and in an attempt to punish this widdle rascal for it's dastardly deed, we can not find the appropriate rule that fits this OBVIOUS infraction.

Licking the camera lens is unacceptable and is the direct result of our snowy condition. She's not the only one to have done such a thing, we have had Mr Froggy, a bug, and yes even a few widdle Monkeys lick the lens. This must be STOPPED...Smiling

Thank you for any help you can give us with this most serious matter.


cynthiab (not verified)
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Rule #...whatever lol.

All animals shall space their visits equally between daylight & evening hours. Some of us have to work for a living, ya know.

azlady13 (not verified)
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Ms Charlie wrote:

Rules of Nkorho Watering Hole

Rule # 13 All said Safari drivers from this day forward must stop in front of the camera, wave and say hello to EACH of us by name.....Smiling

I love this one...in alphabetical order maybe so it will help the kids learn! Smiling

wile1 (not verified)
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I don't know how I missed this but this is hilarious!!! ya'll are crazy!! :D  Love it!!

ex-centric (not verified)
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Fabby wrote:

Ooooh it's good to see this thread again! Laughing


Fabby you did a brilliant job with this...now we just need it to be "pinned" at the top of the list and all will be good!!!  and we won't lose it again.Laughing

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