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Rules for the animals of Nkorho pan

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Ms Charlie (not verified)
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Rules of Nkorho Watering Hole

Rule # 13 All said Safari drivers from this day forward must stop in front of the camera, wave and say hello to EACH of us by name.....Smiling

Fabby (not verified)
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Ooooh it's good to see this thread again! Laughing


cynthiab (not verified)
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Better yet, Ms Charlie, all elephants shall do their business AWAY from wh border so we don't spend the next 3 days trying to identify what creature aforementioned poo is. Tongue out

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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Oh Dear Lord this is without a doubt the BEST thing I have ever read. Now I'm going to sit up all night and give out penalties  to all infractions  I see of these rules  at the waterhole....tee hee.


Just one thing missing.....all poo poo shots by our resident elephants and others that are so inclined to relieve themselves out of camera view and we can ONLY hear , then see the watermelon size deposits left around the pond, MUST do so in front of the camera. That way we can give credit to said party....big grin here...Smiling


azlady13 (not verified)
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9. All animals are to become vegetarians.....immediately.  No excuses.  Get protein from peanut butter. Kay/Azlady13

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