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SA Unite South African Expats Behind #killthetrade Campaign

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SA Unite South African Expats Behind #killthetrade Campaign, one of the largest communities of South African's living abroad, have joined the front line and shown their support for the WWF / Africam #killthetrade Snapshot campaign. The idea is to mobilize the large number of South African's living abroad to participate in something that is very close to their hearts and help save a part of our countries heritage.

Amanda , Founder and had this to say:

"I was in Madikwe six weeks ago with my 3 daughters, and on the third day seven rhino were slaughtered, six in Botswana and this one just a few km from our camp.  The poachers walked into a lion and shot a beautiful alpha male in defence as well.    It was heartbreaking, and the children were stunned into grim silence.   When I became aware of the #killthetrade campaign, I was compelled to get SAPeople involved to support this essential drive to unite South Africans to 'kill the trade' that kills rhinos, elephants and tigers. This is the perfect opportunity for us not to standby helplessly, but to all get involved to create awareness and fight the serious poaching that threatens our wildlife. Please join the drive of #killthetrade."

About SAPeople:
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it is disheartening to see

it is disheartening to see such cruel acts being done to animals for the sake of some few rands. we have to, as men and women of integrity, stand up and save our now dwindling wildlife species whose fate is at the hands of some few unscrupulous traders and their conniving thieves out there. the first thing that we can do is to lobby government  to come up wth legislation that shall impose stiff penalties on those who poach our precious game. no bail must be given to offenders. life imprisonment must be imposed. the time is now or never, or we shall live to regret our silence. men and women pliz stand to be counted amongst those that shun this trade that is about to rob us of our God given resources, for we shall never be forgiven for having let some thieves to destroy God's creations that was meant to beautify this earth. i urge all out there to support the campaign in whatever way they can. for we all have to save our game for future generations. thanks and God less

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