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Sabi Sands Lodging

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Sabi Sands Lodging

Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post on the forum. We're making plans for our first trip to South Africa next August.  Our rough plan is to stay in Kruger for about 9 nights and 4 nights in Sabi Sands.

I've been looking at Elephant Plains Lodge or Arathusa Lodge in Sabi Sands. Can anyone recommend one of these lodges? I wonder if wildlife viewing from the lodge itself at Aratusha will be better then EPL as it seems Arathusa overlooks a bigger waterhole ? Any thoughts?


Hélène1507 (not verified)
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Thanks Lee and Ingwe! I'll check out Nkorho Lodge!

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Hi Helene,

I've just returned from a trip very similar to the one you are planning.  10 nights in KNP and 3 at Nkorho.

I am totally biased so do go ahead and check out all the lodges Eye-wink ,  but I think Nkorho is the best with regard to the friendly staff, accommodation and price.  I think you'll find you don't actually spend a lot of time game viewing in the camp and that the biggest sightings will be when you are out on the morning and evening drives and bushwalks.  The wildlife is spread throughout the entire area and really it's  going to be a case of being in the right place at the right time, no one can tell which waterhole an animal will choose at the time of your visit.

One thing I know for sure - you will have a super time!



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Hello and welcome.  Penny2 can tell you more of that area than I.  I personally love Nkorho Lodge and the whole of that environs, also Elephant Plains has been recommended.  But NK is my spot and I will be there in late September for 2 weeks of R & R and of course Safari.  You will love the area.  Lee


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