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Well I am very excited to anounce my upcoming trip to Sanwild Rehabilitation Center. At 44 I am finally at a place in my life that I can do this finally.

With my daughter out on her own I am now able to do the one thing I have longed to do. I'm taking 2 courses on Rehab while i am there and can't tell you how excited I am, I am making the trip on my own and have to admit make me a little nervouse so if there is anyone here that is planning a trip for the courses at sanwild during the Canadian spring of 2010 schedual( which is not out yet) I would love to hear from you , it would be nice to have a flying partner throughout the trip.

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That sounds like a great adventure Helena. You must keep us posted. Please come chat with us on the Boma chit-chat forum when you can. In case you haven't found us yet, click here for today's thread. If you have questions, lots of friendly folks are there to help.

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