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Scarabee :our most fanatic

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Scarabee :our most fanatic

Scarabee :

our most fanatic wild life! Person. (at the dutch forum) On Africam

These 4 pics are not taken at the watering Hole

But i DO want to post them here to show you all that Scarabee does know how to do Africa wildlife!

And i am very proud she is a member on our africam capture forum! (dutch) ( Holland) ( The Netherlands) ( wooden shoes) (Tulips) ( Windmills)

Pics by scarabee: on which she is very proud!

taken July 2007

Hey before deleting: Maybe this is OUR leopard at the watering hole.

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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GREAT pictures, well done. would love to see LOTS more.

Thank you for sharing these.

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