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screen pics

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screen pics

Frown  I used to be able to take screen pics of NK or EP by entering full screen and use the paint program, and then post the pictures.

with the new cam formats I cannot get a full screen to do that.

can you help?

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Odile, here is how most of us do it. click here

If you go to the forumpage, you will find a section called How to's and useful links with all kinds of suggestions how to resize pics etc..

Good to see you back. Smiling

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Odile, I am not familiar with the paint program but I can see the picture you have as an attachment.  It does excede the size for pictures on the forum though.  But if you can resize it.. then upload it to a site like photobucket or tinypix account that you create then you can put in the IMG code they give in the text area and the picture will show up when posted.  That is the simple version of explanation anyway.  Most of us use mwsnap program to take the screen capture then upload to one of the hosting sites.  If you need further help let me know or ask any of the others that post pictures on the forum.

eta:  max dimensions of a pic is 500x350 pixcels

max sum of data 240kb

no more then 4 pictures per post.

hope this helps.


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