A Second Chance For An Aging Eagle: Hatch Watch Has Begun!

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A Second Chance For An Aging Eagle: Hatch Watch Has Begun!

The Black Eagle 2013 Breeding season looked as if it was coming to a close a few months back when Emoyeni's two eggs proved to be unviable. We watched as she discovered they were not going to hatch, removed them from the nest and then left herself.

Shortly after to our surprise as we were thinking of closing down the live cam and planning for next year, the eagle mother returned and began rebuilding her nest. It looked as if she might try for a second clutch, and that hope turned into a reality when two new eggs were seen in the nest.

The incubation for the new eggs is coming to an end and our second hatch watch for Black Eagle 2013 is underway. Of course at this point we have no idea whether these two eggs will be viable either for the aging mother. Even if one does hatch there will still be more challenges to overcome. With summer approaching it will be difficult for the newborn to survive and grow in the heat. At this point we can only hope that Emoyeni's second chance will produce a healthy baby eaglet.

The first egg is expected to hatch sometime in the next 3-4 days. You can check in on the expecting eagle mother HERE