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Send Some Snail Mail to Help Save A Rhino

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Send Some Snail Mail to Help Save A Rhino

The US Postal Service is issuing a new stamp to help save some of the world's vanishing species. By purchasing some of these stamps you will be contributing to a coalition of great wildlife conservation organizations. These groups are doing amazing things for threatened  animals around the world including African elephants and rhinos.
The stamp itself has a beautiful drawing of an Amur tiger cub created by Nancy Stahl, and would be a brilliant addition for would be collectors. We know that most of you probably don't send much snail mail these days. However, we think this is the perfect excuse to write yourself an old fashion letter and at the same time help out some of Earth's most treasured creatures.

To find out more about the organizations and animals this stamp will benefit, check out the official press release HERE

You can also pre-order the stamps right HERE

Image Credit - US Postal Service