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should we get travel insurance...?

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should we get travel insurance...?

Hello to everyone on the forum! I’ve decided to visit Egypt and central Africa for 6 weeks with my partner this year, and we’re looking for travel insurance. Any help please? Thanks.

Tabs (not verified)
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Do a search on the internet - but also look at insurance policies offered by your bank and local stores etc... and don't forget to check their exclusions!

 The cheapest policies are not always the best - you need to read the policies carefully before deciding, especially if going to an area where there are certain risks.

You can also opt for either a one-trip policy or an annual policy 

curi5ous (not verified)
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I recently went on a cruise holiday in the Red Sea with my family. We bought travel insurance from this site, if that’s of any use?

Gerda (not verified)
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Hi Sara,

I would definitely get a travel insurance. You never know what can happen.

Travel insurance can provide you coverage for medical expenses, emergency repatriation,  trip cancellation/interruption, baggage damage  etc etc..

Enjoy your trip !


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