Sightings Discussion - Thursday 13 November 2008

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Sightings Discussion - Thursday 13 November 2008

                                       ***Sightings discussion***

                                   Thursday, 13 November 2008

                  Please use NK for Nkorho and EP for Elephant Plains

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Bushie ID'ed the birds at EP as

Woodlands Kingfisher

Natal & Crested francolin

Cape turtle dove

Black-headed Oriole

Jacobin cuckoo

Burchell's Cougal

Black Cuckoo (I'm so sad)

and vervet monkey & baboon alarm calls.

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I heard the cry of the fish eagle at EP.

Cam NK can move again, ss  s ssound is trying hard to get back.

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At 11.09 we had those updates from Bushie

Ok update goes like this, the lioness and another female came back to the carcass last night and chased the lone hyena off the kill we looked for the lions on game drive this morning but they found nothing where is still alot of meat left on the carcass and now we are waiting for something to come and eat the jackals were there this morning but they have left and it has not been spotted by vultures as yet but i am sure it will not take long for them to pick up on it so at the moment it is a carcass waiting for someone to take up the opportunity to go and get some food i have smsed campbell and stil waiting to hear about the cams and what is happening with the NK cam had some more rain last night so that brings total of rain to 96mm over the last two weeks


there are currently two walbergh eagles feeding off the carcass at the moment


have just spoken to campbell there is a telkom problem but they are busy fixing it he will let me know as soon as it has been sorted out


The vultures should be here shortly the is enough lift for them to get here there is what looks like one hooded vulture here now but not sure and he is behind the tree making is harder to see

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Now both cams are down.

At 6:20

Bushie wrote:

bushie has been in touch with campbell already now we have to wait and see what happens hope they will be up shortly no sign of the lions though the game drives have not found them either

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At about 8:15 I heard my first Woodland kingfisher on EP. Great  sound there, you can hear the birds clearly.

NK is still down

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2 lions walk by on right side of pan 03:20

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