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Sightings Discussion - Thursday, 22 May 2008

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Sightings Discussion - Thursday, 22 May 2008

Welcome to a new day of sightings discussions on Thursday, 22 May, 2008

Please label your posts NK for Nkorho, and EP for Elephants Plains.

txaggie (not verified)
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I was up around 2 am (Texas Time) and saw them....I was so much fun

I thought I was responding to the zebra group..sorry, I am learning Eye-wink

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 Eagle What an awesome eagle, would not want that landing on my shoulder. Hope somebody got a shot for a post.

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Thanks for the info, Fani!

I didn't have time yet to look at all the Africam pics from the last 3 weeks, so I didn't know he had become a "Nkorho Star".

Well, at least it was the best Bateleur sighting I ever had on Africam. Eye-wink

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No ...Katja ...he became a ''Nkorho star'' while you are in Africa ... LOL!!!!

This is the fourth time he comes to the waterhole ....if I remember well and I hope he likes to be famous so he will stay around the waterhole for long LOL

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A bateleur is at the waterhole at Nkorho.

This must be the best bateleur sighting on Africam ever. Smiling

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