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Sightings this morning--my time

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Sightings this morning--my time

Wow, it finally paid off to sit and watch in the morning--

At 11:57 A.M what I believe to have been a leopard came to NP and waded in at several spots.  My first cat sighting, what an experience. Then at 12:09 P.M a hyena pack came by and they went into the water as well. Suddenly  at 12:14 P.M a lone hyena came and they all scattered except one--why I wonder.  I don't know a lot about african animal behavior. Next apair of spotted hyenas at 12:43 P.M must be a pair came by --mates. They lingered for a while, had a bath and then sauntered into the bush. WHAT A GREAT TIME THIS WAS FOR ME. I hope everyone else ejnoyed it.  Cheerio for now. Will be back tonight, 10:00 P.M. my time.