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can ant one tell me how to find out what animals and birds i am watching most of the time is there any way to put the name uo while the camer is on I am new to this site but have got adicted to it I am from England it is 18-30 now Smile

kath99 (not verified)
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hi Ann that was a great help now I can put a name to what I see

Ann (not verified)
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Hi and welcome, Kath99!  When you are on the Forums page, you will see 1. Africam Guidelines and rules

              2. The How's and useful links

              3.  Africam Sightings Database

When you click on the Database, you will see 1.  Elephant catalog

2. Africam Mammals Database and 3. Africam Birds Database

The databases have a picture and description of every animal and bird sighted at Nkorho waterhole.  Hope this will help.  Also many people will post the name of the animal or bird with the pictures that they post. 

You will also notice a little further down on the Forums page under Africam Streaming Forum  it has separate forums for Streaming cam sightings and time and Streaming cam pics.

Hope this all helps you learn about and recognize the animals and birds.  There is also a Nkorho sound database, so you can hear what some of the animals and birds sound like.

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