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Slender Mongoose - did you know

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Slender Mongoose - did you know

Slender Mongoose


Slender Mongoose

Galerella sanguinea


Slender Mongoose

  • are found almost everywhere in Southern Africa wherever they can find suitable cover and food
  • are diurnal but can also be active on warm moonlit nights.
  • has a black or reddish-black tipped tail
  • is one of the smallest mongooses.

Slender Mongoose

  • is usually solitary and lives in overlapping home ranges. Ranges of males overlap with those of females.
  • Males do not help in raising the young. Young are fully weaned between 7-9 weeks and become independent at about 10 weeks.


watch a recording of Slender Mongoose at the Nkorho waterhole

  • is an opportunistic omnivore and will hunt insects, rodents, lizards, will also eat fruit and berries.
  • is more arboreal than other mongooses and can hunt birds in trees and is even capable of killing large venomous snakes.

Slender Mongoose

  • Stands up to scan the environment for danger and food.
  • when runs for cover, holds its body flat and tail horizontal, when reached cover it will flick its tail up vertically.
  • Uses hollow trees, burrows and holes for shelter.



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