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Sound at EP

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Sound at EP

I was wondering if anyone else was having problems or could help me out. Whenever I open EP via the box at the bottom of the page or via the link on the left hand side, I get a few seconds of sound and then it goes silent.  I have my volume turned up on the computer as well as on the window itself. Is this just a "glitch" with EP or am I doing something wrong?  I get sound at NP so I know it does work.  


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Thank you for responding Tourneyman, I was just curious if it was some kind of setting I was missing.  Cheers!

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That seems to be a chronic problem with the EP cam.  For some reason there is a lot of buffering that happens while trying to view that  cam.  Sometimes I have to stop it and restart it if it doesn't come back on after a few seconds to a minute.


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