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Sounds of Nkorho

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Sounds of Nkorho

Hello to Gerda & Katja specifically......

I would like to suggest that you move your wonderful "Sounds of Nkorho" site from its current spot in The Waterhole listing and put it right up in the first section with the Database. You have done such an amazing job of creating that site. I think it deserves to be prominently placed. Besides, it really is a database & reference source in its own right.

I wanted to check in there this morning, and I knew it was somewhere, but I opened a bazillion things (well, a lot ) before I found it. I have it bookmarked now.

Thanks again for your hard work - it is wonderfully done.


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Hi Beryl (Lily),
thanks for the nice comments.
It's great fun recording and being able to add the sounds to the site.
And with the new cams coming I'm looking forward getting more & more sounds and pictures to put online.

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Good idea

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