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Sounds of Africam * Birds

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Sounds of Africam * Birds







All sounds recorded from Africam.com


African Barred Owlet African Green Pigeon African Hoopoe African Jacana African Fish Eagle African Grey Hornbill African Scops Owl Arrow-marked Babbler

Barn Owl Black Cuckoo Blacksmith Lapwing Black-backed Puffback Black-collared Barbet Black-crowned Tchagra Black-headed Oriole Bronze-winged Courser Brown-headed Parrot Brown-hooded Kingfisher Burchell's Coucal Burchell's Starling Brubru

Cape Turtle Dove Coqui Francolin Crested Barbet Crested Francolin Crowned Lapwing Chin-spot Batis

Diderick Cuckoo Double-banded Sandgrouse

Egyptian Goose Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

Fiery-necked Nightjar Fork-tailed Drongo

Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling Greater Honeyguide Grey go-away-bird Grey-headed Bush Shrike Grey heron

Hadeda Ibis Hamerkop Helmeted Guineafowl

Klaas's Cuckoo Kurrichane Thrush

Laughing Dove Levaillant's Cuckoo Lilac-breasted Roller Lizard Buzzard

Magpie Shrike

Natal Spurfowl

Orange-breasted Bush Shrike

Painted Snipe (greater) Pearl-spotted Owlet Pied Crow Purple-crested Lourie

Rattling Cisticola Red-backed Shrike Red-billed Hornbill Red-billed Oxpecker Red-billed Quelea Redbilled or Green Wood-hoopoe Red-chested Cuckoo Red-eyed Dove

Senegal Lapwing Shelley's Francolin Southern Boubou Southern Ground Hornbill Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Square-tailed Nightjar Swainson's Spurfowl

Trumpeter Hornbill

Verreaux's Giant Eagle Owl Village Weaver

Wahlberg's Eagle Water thick-knee Whitecrowned Shrike White-faced Scops Owl Woodland Kingfisher Woodpecker

Yellow-fronted Canary


African Barred Owlet

Glaucidium capense

Repeated fairly high-pitched series of notes "purr purr piu piu piu piu"

African Green Pigeon

Treron CalvaAfrican Green Pigeon




African Hoopoe

Upupa africanusAfrican Hoopoe

sound 1

sound 2

"hoop-hoop, hoop-hoop-hoop" frequently repeated

African Jacana

Actophilornis africanus










African Fish Eagle


Haliaeetus vociferAfrican Fish Eagle

Click here to see a video recording of the African Fish Eagle calling at Nkorho waterhole


Highly vocal, pitch of male higher than that of female.

African Grey Hornbill

Tockus nasutusAfrican Grey Hornbill

sound 1

sound 2

A high-pitched whistled call, often calls in chorus

African Scops Owl

Otus senegalensisAfrican Scops Owl

A soft "prrrrrp" repeated at about 10-second intervals


Arrow-marked Babbler

Turdoides jardineiiArrowmarked Babbler

sound 1

sound 2


basic sound is "scurr-scurr-scurr" (sound 1)

1 or 2 birds start calling, others join in crescendo, then calling dies away. (sound 2)

Barn Owl

Tyto albaBarn Owl

An eerie, loud screech


Black Cuckoo

Cuculus clamosus

Male calls "whoo whoo wheee" likened to "I'm so sick", Female gives a fast "yow-yow-yow-yow-yow"


Blacksmith Lapwing

Vanellus armatusBlacksmith Lapwing

A metallic "klink klink klink"repeated loudly and continuously

Black-backed Puffback

Dyroscopus cubla

Black-collared Barbet

Lybius torquatusBlack-collared Barbet


Black-crowned Tchagra

Tchagra senegala









Black-headed Oriole


Oriolus larvatusBlackheaded Oriole


sound 1

sound 2


Bronze-winged Courser

Rhinoptilus chalcopterus Bronze-winged Courser


Brown-headed Parrot

Poicephalus cryptoxantusbrown-headed Parrot


Brown-hooded Kingfisher

Halcyon albiventrisBlack-hooded Kingfisher


Burchell's Coucal

Centropus burchelliiburchell's coucal



sound 1

sound 2

A liquid, bubbling "doo-doo-doo-doo" in descending scale, sounding like water running out of a bottle.


Burchell's Starling

Lamprotornis australisburchell's starling



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3

sound 4



Nilaus afer









Cape Turtle Dove or Ringnecked Dove


Streptopelia capicolaCape Turtle Dove



sound 1

sound 2

"Work harder, work harder"(sound 1)

Also makes a snarling "kerr" on landing. (sound 2)


Coqui Francolin

Peliperdix coqui

Crested Barbet

Trachyphonus vaillantiCrested Barbet

A trilling "trrrrrrrrr...." like a muffled alarm clock


Crested Francolin

Peliperdix sephaenaCrested francolin


A shrill "kwerri-kwetchi, kwerri-kwetchi" sounding like "beer & cognac, beer & cognac"


Crowned Plover or Lapwing

Vanellus coronatusCrowned lapwing

sound 1

sound 2

Chin-spot Batis

Batis molitor


Diderick Cuckoo

Chrysococcyx caprius


Double-banded Sandgrouse

Pterocles bcinctusDouble-banded Sandgrouse

Egyptian goose

Alopochen aegyptiacaEgyptian goose


sound 1

sound 2


Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

Turtur chalcospilosemerald-spotted wood dove



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3

"du,du ... du-du... du-du-dudu-du-du-du" soft descending and tailing off at the end.

"my mother dead, my father dead, everybody dead dead dead dead"


Fiery-necked Nightjar

Caprimulgus pectoralis



sound 1

sound 2 (duet of Fiery-necked Nightjar and African Scops Owl)

"koo-WEEU, koo-WIririri, also set to words "Good Lord deliver us"










Fork-tailed Drongo

Dicrurus adsimilisFork-tailed Drongo





sound 1

sound 2

also imitates other birdcalls



Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling

Lamprotornis chalybaeusGreater blue-eared Glossy Starling

sound 1

sound 2


Greater Honeyguide

Indicator indicator









Grey go-away Bird

Corythaixoides concolorgrey go-away bird



a harsh, nasal "kweh-h-h-h or "go way-y-y"



Grey-headed Bush Shrike

Malaconutus blanchoti




Grey Heron

Ardea cinereagrey heron


Hadeda Ibis

Bostrychia hagedashHadeda Ibis



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3 (duet of Hadeda Ibis & Egyptian Goose)


Scopus umbrettahamerkop


Helmeted Guineafowl

Numida meleagrishelmeted guineafowl


Klaas's Cuckoo

Chrysococcyx klaas

"Hueet-jie" repeated 5 or 6 times.


Kurrichane Thrush

Turdus libonyanus


Laughing Dove

Streptopelia senegalensislaughing dove

a bubling "koo-koo-ku-ru-kutu-koo"

Levaillant's Cuckoo

Clamator levaillantii



sound 1

sound 2

a loud "klee-klee-kleeuu" followed by a "tututututututu" descending in scale


Lilac-breasted Roller

Coracias caudatalilac-breasted roller


Lizard Buzzard

Kaupifalco monogrammicusLizard buzzard


Magpie Shrike

Corvinella melanoleucamagpie shrike



sound 1

sound 2


Natal Spurfowl

Pternistis natalensisnatal spurfowl



sound 1

sound 2


Orange-breasted Bush Shrike

Telophorus sulfureopectus



sound 1

sound 2


Painted Snipe (Greater)

Rostratula benghalensis



sound 1


Pearl-spotted Owlet

Glaucidium perlatumpearlspottedowlet



sound 1

sound 2

Pied Crow

Corvus albuspied crow



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3


Purple-crested Lourie

Musophaga porphyrelopha

Rattling Cisticola

Cisticola chiniana

"chi chi chi ch-r-r-r-r-r-" the last syllable with a distinct rattle.


Red-backed Shrike

Lanius colluriored-backed shrike

on the recording you hear a female calling


Red-billed Hornbill

Tockus erythrorhynchusred-billed hornbill


Red-billed Oxpecker

Buphagus erythrorhynchusred-billed oxpecker

Red-billed Quelea

Quelea quelea

Red-billed or Green Wood-hoopoe

Phoeniculus purpureusred-billed woodhoopoe

A loud cackling sound, starting off slowly. Several birds call together, likened to laughter of women.










Red-chested Cuckoo

Cuculus solitarius

3-note call : Wip-wip-weeu, likened to the Afrikaans"Piet-my-vrou", often repeated, female calls "pik-pik-pik-pik"


Red-eyed Dove

Streptopelia semitorquata

"coo-coo-coo-koo-cuk-coo" likened to "I am a red-eyed dove"


Senegal Lapwing

Vanellus lugubrissenegal lapwing



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3

the call is a piping "thi-wit"


Shelley's Francolin

Francolinus shelleyi



sound 1

sound 2


Southern Boubou

Laniarius ferrugineus



sound 1

sound 2


Southern Ground Hornbill

Bucorvus leadbeateriground hornbill




the call is a "oomph-oomph" frequently repeated.

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Tockus leucomelassouthern yellow-billed hornbill




a rapid hollow-sounding "tok tok tok tok tok tokatokatoka"


Square-tailed Nightjar

Caprimulgus fossii






Swainson's Spurfowl

Pternistis swainsonii



very loud, harsh crowing, "krrraa krrraa krrraa", repeated 6-7 times


Trumpeter Hornbill

Bycanistes bucinator




very loud braying, laughing, trumpeting, squealing and wailing calls

vocal mostly morning and evening


Verreaux's (Giant) Eagle Owl

Bubo lacteusVerreaux's Giant Eagle Owl



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3


Village Weaver

Ploceus cucullatus



Wahlberg's Eagle

Aquila wahlbergi



calls 'kleeeeu" while soaring, contact call is a rapid "kyip-kyip-kyip"

Water Thick knee or Dikkop

Burhinus vermiculatus



sound 1

sound 2

sound 3



White-faced Scops Owl

Ptilopsus granti



sound 1

a bubbling "b-b-b-b-b-bhoooo" repeated


White-crowned Shrike

Eurocephalus anguitimens



Woodland Kingfisher

Halycon senegalensis



sound 1

sound 2

a loud "yimp-trrrrrrrrrrrrrr" (sound 1)

Sound 2 : this call is made when sitting close to each other, or when one lands on a branch next to or close to its mate. They usually open their wings slightly and bob up and down when making this call.


Woodpecker (species unknown, knocking)



Yellow-fronted Canary

Serinus mozambicus
















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