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South Africa Holds Ivory Auction

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South Africa Holds Ivory Auction

South Africa has held the world's biggest legal sale for ivory in almost 20 years...


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I read the article with dismay. Thank you Dreamer. You expressed my own thoughts very well. I find some comfort in knowing there are many of us who have learned and take action when possible. 

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Hi WD! just finished reading your posts, plus the article written by Mr. Leaky - tough stuff!  I like your views on this subject, and hubby and I, like you, are very careful about what goes into our bodies and garden - try to be ecologically-minded about what we can do to help keep this (and many other subjects of this type) in prospective.

I am an avid elephant lover - have many models around the house which have been bought as gifts, etc. , so I personally get rather upset when I hear about the ivory problems, etc., but I must admit that as I don't live near the problems, I unfortunately try to put that part in the back of my mind.

Story:  About 20 years ago some friends of mine decided to go on a trip to China and other Asian countries. I couldn't go, but two of my good friends did, having a wonderful time, seeing the good with the bad, etc.  They brought me back a present as I hadn't been able to go on the trip, which was a carved necklace, made out of (you guessed it!) ivory. They had even hidden it carefully so that Customs wouldn't find it.   My heart jumped in my mouth, but I thanked them as any friend would.  To this day, I have never worn the necklace, wouldn't even contemplate giving it to my grand-daughter, feel guilty about even having it, so there it lays, at the back of the top drawer in my bedroom, and there it will probably stay, as I certainly wouldn't wear it myself.  I feel bad for my (still are!) friends, as I don't think it even crossed their minds and I didn't have the heart to say anything to them as they had the nice thought to bring me this gift.

I'm not a very out-going person, but I do get a little upset about the type of thing this article is about - unfortunately I tend to keep it to myself, or just have heavy discussions with my Hubby (he agrees) until I have calmed down a little!





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Before anyone reads my posts and think that I am only speaking with my heart, and have not read and thought heavily on this subject [ culling of the Elephants ] please let me clarify a little.  I do Not like the thought of killing any  animal.  Do I sometimes see the need for it, yes I do. I do not like to think that, and my heart breaks and and I feel dirty and less of a human for thinking that, but it is a fact of life.  I am not a vegetarian, but I give proper thanks and try to buy from responsible farms when I do eat meat.  I use no pesticides unless absolutely necesary, mainly flea and tick control for my pets. My lawn is brown most of the year and I have "weeds" growing in my gardens.  A spider or snake is given the same respect and admiration as the most beutiful bird in my yards or home. Although I do draw the line at roaches Undecided, they are disperced with the same method as I would use on an unwanted human intruder into my home .  a good swift kick in the butt or tougher measures if that is what it takes.  But this matter of Elephant culling gave me many sleepless nights over the years and filled my heart with hatred and anger till the point that I wanted to wipe out 90% of the human populations of Africa.  But I, like Richard Leaky, learned to temper my feelings and have  a look at the Big Picture. I still do not like the thought that it has to be done, but yes I can see the need.  I would like to leave you with this article from March 2008. It expresses Mr Leaky's point of view and also has comments from people around the world. Let this be a starting point for your own journey into the Why's.  Viewpoint Richard Leaky

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To say that this news brings me mixed emotion is an understatement.  I have thought about the enormous warehouse stockpiles of Elephant Ivory for a long time.  And almost every thought is preceded by If, , Why, How   or But.   But what if it encourages more poaching ?  If it will bring more money to conservation why not ?  And every thought becomes a question. Why is the Ivory  being stockpiled anyway ?  How can they call it legal Ivory ? What makes it legal, did an Elephant die a natural death and ask someone to please take her tusks and carve it up in a earring or bangle to adorn some human, or worse yet to commemorate some God or King ?  Is the culling just another way to make "legal" Ivory ?   If culling is the only way, then the Ivory should be destroyed and benefit  no man !!   When will it end ?  If we stand by and tolerate this sale, when will they decided that another "culling" is needed, resulting in another sale of "legal Ivory " ?


Now who really believes that all proceeds from the sales will go to conservation ?  How much will be "set aside"  to fund the next "necessary culling" ? 


How many of you  saw the Elephant with no tusks at the NK waterhole a few days ago, and read Jacques answer as to why that may be ?  His answer was  ...

There is extensive studies being done with regards to the elephants that are tuskless some of the theories have to do with female genes passed down to their calves, also one theory being looked at is elephants adapting to what is happening around them like the poaching of elephants for their ivory their way of adapting will be to not have tusks.


Pasted from <http://www.africam.com/wildlife/nkorho_q_and_a_0>

Evolution is a wonderful thing… It has enabled all creatures, those that walk, swim, fly , and crawl  to evolve and cope with a changing environment.  But Mothers and Fathers ask yourselves  this ..how long before children are born without compassion because it costs to much or hurts too much ?  But wait, is that what is happening to us already ? 

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