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Steenbok - did you know

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Steenbok - did you know



Raphicerus campestris


  • Solitary and territorial except for mating pairs and mother with her young.
  • Has very large ears & a triangular black marking on the nose.
  • Only male has horns, which are very upright and sharp pointed.


  • active during day and night
  • Has the typical characteristic of scraping the ground before and after urinating and defecating. Near territory boundaries they will use dung-middens.
  • Mixed feeder, browser and takes grasses, seeds, fruits and pods. Will use their hooves to scrape up selected roots
  • when alarmed will freeze or  lie flat in thick vegetation, when the predator is almost within reach the steenbok will dash away at high speed. Escaping Steenboks will frequently stop to look back.


  • Steenbok male courting will lift his foreleg to touch the female's hindlegs.
  • Has many different predators including leopard, cheetah, hyaena, wild dog, caracal, pythons and Martial eagle.


  • Shoulder height : 50 cm





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