Tembe cam has no audio and Nkorho cam is down. We are working on a solution. Thank you for your patience

Streaming Cam Viewer Feedback

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Streaming Cam Viewer Feedback

There are currently two different flash viewers in operation. To see if one or both function for you, please do the following and provide feedback as to what you see. (You must be logged in to Africam for the viewers to function and do not turn off any of your security/pop up programs nor do anything other than load each of the viewers).

1) Go to http://www.Africam.com and, after the page loads, you should see the viewing screen with a line circling in the middle and the word "Africam.com" in its lower right corner.

Does the Nkorho watering hole appear after waiting a minute or so? Yes or No

2) With the viewer loaded as above, click on the orange ball, under the viewer, labeled "Nkorho Pan". A circling line should appear in the middle of the viewer with the word "Africam.com" in its upper right corner.

Does the Nkorho watering hole appear after waiting a minute or so? Yes or No

3) Click on the following link to cause a new page to appear. The left side should contain the Nkorho watering hole and the right side a "chat" box.


Does the Nkorho watering hole and chat box appear? Yes or No


For four computers I tested, the results were 1) no, 2) no, 3) yes

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


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hi 3 times no since a long time streaming is not working very sad


Fred ;-(( What can I do ? pls help Eye-wink


I love Africa and there Animals

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Wow, TC. You have done a great job of debugging and detailing. I would bet it will help others. I am certainly keeping a copy. Smiling

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My computer is running Vista Home Basic SP2, IE8 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010.

Last night,

1) I went to my IE8 and told it to reset itself to its initial state. I also insured that there wasn't any IE7 items left as addons.

2) I went to the Adobe site, downloaded and used their un-install utility. Then, I installed the new flash (the current version of which had been on my machine before the un-install). An odd thing occured at this time. The Flash downloaded and appeared to install. And, indeed it did function on sites other than Africam. But it never went to the page which said it had installed normally. At the bottom of their install page is a link to begin a download if it didn't begin automatically. So, I clicked on it and a second, different type of install occured. When it finished, I went to several sites where there are flash players and they still all functioned normally. The Nkorho feeds were down so I needed to wait until tonight to try them.


3) Although all other sites functioned normally, the Nkorho feeds still didn't. But, I checked and the Kaspersky (KIS) anti-banner section had blocked sites it considered dangerous. I began allowing them one at a time, kept re-starting IE8 (to clear the temporary internet files) and trying again. Eventually, the feeds began to come in normally.

On at least my machine, the Adobe Flash must have been the problem as I had initially turned KIS off completely and still could not get the feeds.

I'll work on our other three machines, which all run XP SP3 with KIS 2010, and see if I can get them functioning normally too.

As usual, I should have asked Donna what to do when I found out about the problem.  LOL

Hopefully, others with similar problems can use the above multiple viewers to determine where their problem lies. A crashed Flash program allowed the old viewer to run perfectly on Nkorho and EP  (and all other sites too) but blocked the new Africam viewer.


FYI, here are the feeds which needed to be allowed in the KIS anti-banner area to get the feeds to function. Miss one and you can forget seeing anything:


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When the cams are up I have no problems with them and I normally use firefox.  Your starting premise is the problem of being able to have all sorts of "security software" running.  The cams use Flash which there is security programs that block flash.  If you use that you will not get the cams to work.  The feeds are via ad server so if you are using ad blocking software it will most likely not work.    It used to be that you had to be logged in for the pop up players to work.  That is no longer true either.  The pop up windows players no longer are fixed size, the windows can be adjusted although the cam view is not except by using broswer zoom feature which on the old cam player would lose the controls at the bottom but I don't with the new player.  The << and >> buttons do work but require patience it seems.  By choice I don't use IE any more then I have to but have heard of some with problems with that browser and if you had IE7 Pro add on with your IE browser before upgrade to IE8. Again that is an ad blocking program in addition to early versions were not compatable with IE8.  So my answer is yes yes and yes if you disable things that may be blocking the cams.  There also has seemed to be some possible flash player program corruption problems that were fixed when the player was removed and reinstalled by some.  There was a couple more items that fixed the problem for some mentioned elsewhere in the technical issues forum  That is my feedback anyway, I hope it helps.


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Jon/Topcat, For some reason you must uninstall with Adobe's uninstaller. Go to this link and follow the directions for your setup.


Also, the comments at the bottom of this link may be helpful. One of the moderators had problems. I hope it works Smiling.  Following is her experience:

"I was having problems on IE8 but could get the cams up with no trouble on Firefox.  My son then played around with my computer for a while and found an IE7 ad on called IE7 Pro  that had been installed before upgrading to IE 8.  He disabled the adblocker part of IE7 Pro and the problem went away.  I believe that the ad on from IE7 was not compatible with IE 8 and was interfering with IE 8's operation.  My son says that if people are having problems they should check their ad ons for anything that was installed before upgrading to IE8 such as ad blockers or pop up blockers and disable them one at a time to see if that fixes the problem.   Since he did this I've had no problem with the cams on IE"


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All isn't lost yet Jon. None of the cameras have been functioning for a few hours.

I did what Donna said (as usual) and re-installed the Flash 10 viewer on my Vista/IE 8 computer. It was a hassle as it no longer installs correctly on its own. The file it's in must be found and the installation done manually. I'm also waiting for the feeds to resume so I can see if they are now functional for me using the first two options.


(I can't spell correctly either).

Jon Horley (not verified)
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No, no, and lost the will to live...  !  Three negatives, I'm sorry to say, Donna.  I held out some hope of the third option working, as the chat box appeared, but just got the whirly dotted line on a black background, in spite of a little line saying the cam was working.  Darn it - foiled again!  I have Windows XP and Adobe.

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All three yes. I'm on IE8/Vista; Uninstalled and reinstalled Flashplayer 10 about a week ago.

Gerda (not verified)
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hi topcat,

3 times yes here

all working fine for me both at home and at work on different pc's.




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