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Styx Pride chases wildies pt.1

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Styx Pride chases wildies pt.1

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Thanks NK Zoomie!!!

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Great sighting! The

Great sighting! The lionesses were teaching the cubs a thing or two about hunting, lol! The wildie alarms added to the tension. They go through this every day. Amazing.


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Incredible ...!!!With the

Incredible ...!!!

With the flood at kamfers Dam ...I forgot to check your video ...and still I can't believe you had (and I missed lol) such a sighting ....

Morris ...just THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH ...

I took several pics and it was like I have watched it ....

I vote it the best video ...of the  year ...not only of the month ...SmileWink

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That's Awesome!!! Thanks

That's Awesome!!!


Thanks everyone for the zoom and the video. Laughing

Lived in South Africa for 26 years. Once it's in your blood, it never leaves you.

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wow that was awsome thanks

wow that was awsome thanks nk zoomie and sassabuck.

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Thank you Morris, a very

Thank you Morris, a very special capture for me because it's the first lions day visit since i'm here.

you are great

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You're a star Morris.

You're a star Morris. CoolKiss

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