Tembe and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.


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So the quality of the new flash video on NK and EP is nice but it has one HUGE flaw.  When you maximize the video to fill the screen if you do ANYTHING else besides move your mouse the full screen video returns to the small video size.  I have multiple monitors and have either NK or EP running in one of my monitors and work on the other monitors but now the video goes way too small every time I try to work on my computer and will not stay full screen. 


PLEASE try to change this so that it will stay full screen while I work on other things on my other monitors – just think that means I get to see your new adds full screen to when they show up so it is a win – win for everyone – I get to see big video and adds and you might get more sales because the adds are so much bigger to.  Or even better go back to what you had before with Windows Media Player


On last thing, every 60 minutes the video feed refreshes and the volume goes FULL BLAST and this hurts the ears and  is quite distracting.


Overall the feed is MUCH better but still has flaws that need correcting please.



Trük Meister


Trük Meister