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Suggestions for NK Jan 2009

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Suggestions for NK Jan 2009

Recently I've noticed that the camera at NK concentrates soley on a few animals and ignores any others that may or may not be around the water hole, especially the primates. Whilst it's nice to see baby antelopes, watching one family group for hours on end, well you can do that at a  zoo! Sorry, no disrespect intended.

 At night, is it possible for the camera to zoom out a bit more so we can see the whole pond, not just the middle and right hand side? Often we can hear something drinking but it's off camera on the left.

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Hi wolseleyplumb ...the zoom work it depends on who works behind the cam ...But all the zoomies try to do the best for us ...In case you would like to see something closer or have a glance around at NK just ask it from the zoomie ...YOu can do it with a PM or just write it on the Waterhole chat thread ...Most times when someone is behind the cam ...they will try to  do it ...

The young wildebeests are a big fun for me several years now ...and I enjoy looking at them too much ...It looks that becouse we are in the middle of the season of rains ..fewer animals come to the waterhole to drink . ...I missed baboons and vervets too ...I hope they will come again to the waterhole soon ...I'm sure Jacques will focus on them when they will come at nk ...EP is going better and better but still needs an improvement ...Africam team knows the problem and I'm sure they will find a solution at last ...



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I asked a question and made a suggestion in the Topic " Suggestions for NK Jan 2009".

What was rude and  disrespectful about my post  Edspub? Huh?

Or do you think that we should be so disrespectful as to rudely ignore Admin's request for suggestions? 

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Sorry but your comments about this sight are rude and totally disrespectful

Everyone who works on this site does a AAAAAAAAAAAA effort making sure everyone who watches has the most enjoyable experience

Also please remember that this is free site and everyone who works here does a great job

Well that is about all I have to say about this


Have a nice day

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I appreciate your kind answer and note that the pond may have increased in size.

Before I became a member, I recorded part of the night time stream on 07 April 2008 (you could do that with WMV), a stormy night with thunder and lightning. The default position of the cam that night was with the large tree in the distance at the 12 o'clock position, and you can see both sides of the pool.

It's of course quite possible that a newer camera has been fitted since then.

It's no big deal, I only asked! 

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It is my understanding that the cam is already zoomed out as much as possible where it shows most but not all of the waterhole.  The cam is located in a tree on a mound so they can't move it back.  It might be the waterhole has gotten larger since it was put there I don't know on that.  So they do try to leave the cam showing the side where they hope the animals will show up while they are sleeping.  They have tried showing different side on different nights too.   Unfortunatly we don't have a zoomie working the cam at all times.  Even during the day they are at times busy with other lodge duties but they do try to show what ever they think would be of interest for the viewers and when working the cams they don't seem to miss much at NK anyway IMHO. 


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