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Sunrise and Sunset

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Sunrise and Sunset

I am still a newbie and perhaps my question has been asked before and answered. I checked some of the topics and haven't found the information. I was wondering why the cam doesn't show us the views in color at the times of sunset and sunrise. The view changes to gray and dark around 5:30 to 6 o'clock both before sunset and after sunrise. These would be awesome views of the color in the African skies. Is there a reason why no views are in color at these times? Thanks for your time. Love this site!

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Hi there,

I do remember when the cam would be set facing East and in colour for the sunrise. I think it was during the winter months when sunrise was a little later - our cam operator at the lodge changes the settings whenever they get time to do so.

Hope that helps  Smiling

CallieG (not verified)
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5:47 am CAT NK

This is a query.  I was wondering why you go to black & white before the sun goes down.  It seems that there is just a little more light to see thing by. 

Not complaing just wondered.

Thank you and keep up the good work on all you guys do for us at Africam.

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